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Learning Enrichment Opportunities for Broncho Students At Home

Holly Area Schools is dedicated to our learning community. During this unplanned closure, Holly Area Schools suggests a variety of enrichment opportunities. While we cannot replicate the classroom experience; nothing can replace effective classroom instruction. We want to encourage learning during this unprecedented time, while also minimizing student and family stress. 

We recommend focusing on authentic, fun learning experiences as the cornerstone of this time together. While there will be no mandatory academic work, we are providing resources which are designed to offer students the chance to enjoy learning at their own pace and discretion. We hope that these resources will spark ideas for your family as you continue to make choices about providing learning experiences for your Broncho(s). 

Additionally, simply finding time to read, talk, and spend family time together will positively impact your child’s development.

Learning Enrichment Opportunities At Home

Special Education Resources

Speech & Language Site

Social Work Site


Daily Scheduling Tips

For those families who are in need of daily scheduling tips that support a parent's need to balance their children's learning with their own professional/personal scheduling needs, we are providing the following guidance document.

Daily Scheduling Tips

Structured Scheduling Ideas

For those families who are looking for a structured, school-like setting for their children, the schedules on the following document should serve as examples for how you might frame your day. 

Structured Scheduling Ideas