Police Liaison

Police Liaison Officer

The liaison officer position provides the schools with an officer who can work within the school setting on police matters that concern staff, students and their families.  The officer is knowledgeable in police techniques, law and procedures, and working with youthful offenders in a school setting.  The officer's duties include building safety and security, investigation of criminal acts or security issues occurring on Holly Area School property or related to school activities which may otherwise necessitate police involvement.  The officer's duties also include individual safety and security for all students, staff, and the public within the rules and regulations of the Holly Police Department and Holly Area Schools.  The officer provides guidance and support to students and families as needed and when directed by the Holly Schools administration or the Chief of Police.

Holly Area Schools Liaison Officer, Michael Houck, became the Holly Area School’s Liaison Officer on January 6, 2014. He is presently a certified police officer with the Holly Police Department and performs his duties for the Holly Area Schools under the direction of the Superintendent and the Chief of the Holly Police Department. Officer Houck has an office at Holly High School (248) 328-3219, and can also be reached through the Police Department at (248) 634-8221.

Officer Michael Houck retired from the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office after 28 years of service. His last assignment was in the Rochester Hills substation as a sergeant, where he was a patrol supervisor for the midnight shift. He was previously assigned to the dispatch center in which he oversaw patrol activities for 13 communities under contract with the sheriff’s office. Additionally, he served as a sergeant in the Oakland County Jail. Prior to his promotion to sergeant, Michael Houck served as a patrol deputy in Springfield Twp. before becoming the township’s first detective.

Officer Houck attended Oakland Community College and graduated from the Oakland Police Academy in 1991. He has completed classes through Louisiana State University, New Mexico Tech, FEMA, the Public Agency Training Council and various other training and educational facilities. He is up to date on the latest techniques and continues to train while keeping current on the new laws.

Officer Houck is married and has two children.