Facility Use Process

Community Use Information

Our school buildings and other facilities are available for community use according to policies established by the Board of Education and in compliance with state law. To manage requests and expenses related to facility use, we have established procedures to request use of a facility, to establish priority for use, to set fees, and to ensure that District facilities are used appropriately.

There are two steps to your first use application:


First-time users must complete registration, by establishing a user ID and password.

Begin by accessing our Community Use Calendar application.
In the upper right-hand corner of the window, click "Login to Request Facility Use."
Click "Create One," to register. Registration is processed by a program administrator, who will email you when your registration has been completed.
Follow the instructions as outlined in the Request Access to Utilize School Facilities video.


After you have received confirmation that your registration is complete, you will enter your use application through the Community Use Calendar application.

Follow the instructions as outlined in the How to Login and Submit a Facility Use Request video.

It is important that you review all provisions of Holly Area Schools Facility Use Guidelines and Fee Schedule listed on this page, which are also explained below.

Provisions For Use

It is the policy of the Holly Area Schools to approve the use of district buildings and grounds by properly organized and responsible groups, when the use of facilities does not interfere with the daily school student routine or any school-sponsored student activity. The priority for use of district facilities is listed below. Please note that, at any time, Holly Area Schools retains the right to revoke or displace your previously-approved use for use by groups of greater priority. Generally, prioritization is as follows:

  1. School Use
  2. Community Education
  3. School Booster Groups
  4. Other Government Organizations (Parks & Recreation)
  5. Community Groups

For-Profit Organizations will be accommodated as space permits.

For questions regarding policy, assistance with quotes and/or rates, or completion of forms, please contact:
Mrs. Kari LaBadie

Holly Area Schools Facility Use Guidelines and Fee Schedule

Use of Facilities Regulations

The following regulations govern the use and the rental of school facilities to protect the regular instructional program, those who use the facilities, and the taxpayer who has provided the facilities.

Assignment of applicant groups to a category below shall be at the discretion of the Assistant Superintendent Administrative Services.

A. Groups Eligible for Facility Reservation:

1. Class I: Any organized group directly connected with the Holly Area Schools including, but not limited to: athletic teams, band, F.H.A., varsity club, senior/junior classes, student council, school
clubs, evening classes, P.T.O, band and athletic boosters, Adult Education Groups. These groups shall have priority over all other groups.

2. Class II: Any organized non-profit group or organization within the school district whose purpose is civic, cultural or fraternal in nature including but not limited to: civil defense, county extension, Lions
Club, Elks Club, Rotary Club.

a. Class II groups may use school facilities for a minimal charge if usage occurs during regular building service hours and involve no unusual or excessive custodial services. Should activities be held at times other than those when custodians are normally employed, Class II groups shall be
responsible for fees involving custodial services in addition to the minimal usage fee.

b. Boy and Girl Scouts and other such Youth Groups may use facilities free of charge during the time custodial services are normally provided. Should these groups request use of facilities during times other than regular custodial service hours, fees may be charged accordingly.

3. Class III: Any private and/or profit making group whose interests are limited exclusively to the membership of said group. Also, church youth groups, and other such private groups. Private celebrations will be discouraged.

Class III group who use school facilities will be charged a rental fee based on the schedule plus the cost of personnel required to service the desired facility prior to, during, and following usage in addition to fees established.

B. General Procedures for Facility Application:

1) Each Building is responsible for scheduling school site usage.

2) The school program takes precedence over the use of school facilities by any non- school group. The building administration will determine the degree to which the building site will be used before and after school. The Building Administrator, as appropriate, will assign estimated personnel costs. An Application for Permission to Use School Facilities should be submitted at least thirty (30) days in
advance of the proposed activity. Reservation fee – ½ due at time of reservation.

3) The Application for Permission to Use School Facilities must be completed and approved for each event scheduled. The application may be obtained from the building/site being requested or the
Business Office.

4) Upon approval, a copy of the application shall be returned to the applicant. Receipt of processed application denotes approval of rental agreement.

5) Groups in Class II, III must agree to indemnify and hold harmless Holly Area Schools and its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses including attorneys’ fees arising out of or resulting from such organization’s use of the school facility.

6) The applicant is responsible for payment of all charges associated with the group’s use of facilities sites.

7) All payments should be made to Holly Area Schools no later than thirty (30) days after invoicing, Attention: Business Office 920 Baird Street, Holly, MI 48442. Checks are to be made payable to
Holly Area Schools.

8) Notification of cancelation must be submitted to the Building site at least forty-eight (48) hours before scheduled time of use, or reservation fee will not be refunded.

9) All facility reservations shall be subject to the availability of space and custodial service. Cost for custodial services shall be established by current wage rates of individual custodians in accordance with the Master Contract of the school district.

10) Food Service/kitchen shall be used only under the personal direction of a regularly employed Food Service member. Costs for Food Service services shall be established by current wage rates of
individual cooks in accordance with the Master Contract of the school district.

C. General Guidelines and Restrictions for the use of School Facilities:

1) The Holly Area Schools shall reserve the right to refuse any groups the use of school facilities, revise fee rates without notice (to groups not under reservation at the time of the change), and cancel or revise these provisions at its discretion. All items dealing with “Provisions for Facility Reservation” not specifically mentioned in the preceding passages shall be subjected to the interpretation of the Holly Area Schools. Further, the Holly Area Schools reserves the right to dispose of such special cases not covered in these provisions as it deems advisable and in the best interest of the district and

2) Sponsoring organizations shall provide a sufficient number of competent adults to assume responsibility for control of the activity agreed upon at the time the contract is issued. Arrangements for special equipment or facilities shall be made at the time rental contract is issued. Extra compensation shall be required to cover charges for supervision, transferring equipment, setting equipment already in the building, etc.

3) Use of materials on floors, walls, or other parts of a building is prohibited without specific approval of the Building Administrator.

4) Decorations shall be fireproof and shall be erected in a manner that will not be destructive of school property.

5) All advertising and all sale of merchandise, printed matter or other materials is forbidden on School owned premises in connection with any meeting, except with prior approval.

6) Renters shall assume all liabilities for damages, which may occur in, on, or about any Holly Area School district facility while said persons or groups are using those facilities.

7) Facilities are not available to non-school groups during July and August, holidays or vacation periods, unless authorized by the Building Administrator.

8) No alcoholic beverages, smoking, guns or weapons are permitted in or around any school building or on any Holly Area Schools property.

9) Permission to use the school facilities does not include the use of school property or equipment such as computers, AV equipment, etc., unless special arrangements have been made for such use and it is noted on the contract. The user is not to use or operate any school equipment other than that stipulated in the contract.

10) No contract will be issued to persons under 21 years of age. Student groups using Holly Area Schools facilities will require supervision and assumption of responsibility for fees and charges by an adult. There must be adequate adult supervision for all usage.

11) Use of buildings will be approved only when an employee authorized by Holly Area Schools, staffs the building.

12) The premises are made available with the understanding that direct payment to district employees is not permitted. Employees shall not accept under any circumstances direct payments in lieu of fees, labor charges or other services.

13) All users of Holly Area Schools’ facilities agree to comply with all applicable laws and local ordinances. The user shall be responsible for the conduct and control of both patrons and participants, and shall see that all district regulations including safety are followed.

14) Signs or other materials may not be posted without the approval of the building administrator.
15) Keys shall not be issued to the user. The administrator or custodian shall open and close all areas to be used. The user is not to enter any area other than those areas identified on the contract

16) The following general types of activities shall be prohibited:

a. When the purpose of such use is to promote activities subversive to the laws of the United States or any subdivision thereof, or to overthrow the government of the United States, or supporting
doctrines of violence, hatred, or discrimination.

b. Any activity that may violate the canons of good morals, manners or taste, or be injurious to the buildings, grounds or equipment, or interfere with the programs, activities or operations of Holly Area

c. Commercial advertising.

d. Activities, which block fire doors, means of egress, block or tamper with any fire protection apparatus.

D. Facilities Open to Reservation:

Facilities that may be reserved for use by community groups and organizations include auditorium, classrooms, cafeterias, kitchens, multipurpose rooms, media centers, and gymnasiums.

Food is to be served only in Elementary gyms and Middle and High School cafeterias. If hot food is to be served, a kitchen must be rented in addition to gyms or commons/cafeteria.

Facility Rate Schedule

(Room Use Cost Plus Employee Service Charges If Applicable)

Rental Fees Class II Class III
  (See Section A. 2.a or b) (See Section A. 3)
High School    
Auditorium $125.00 for 1st 4 hours/
$ 35.00 every hour after
$500.00 for 1st 4 hours/
$100.00 every hour after
Commons or Kiva $ 30.00 per use $100.00 per use
Classroom $ 10.00 per use $ 30.00 per use
Gymnasium $ 50.00 per use $200.00 per use
Kitchen $ 50.00 per use $100.00 per use
Project Rooms $ 25.00 per use $ 75.00 per use
Middle School    
Cafeteria $ 35.00 per use $100.00 per use
Classroom $ 10.00 per use $ 30.00 per use
Gymnasium $ 50.00 per use $200.00 per use
Kitchen $ 20.00 per use $ 60.00 per use
Media Center $ 30.00 per use $ 75.00 per use
Elementary School    
Cafeteria $ 35.00 per use $100.00 per use
Gymnasium $ 50.00 per use $150.00 per use
Kitchen $ 20.00 per use $ 60.00 per use
Media Center $ 30.00 $ 30.00 per use $ 75.00 per use
Class II & III    
Employee Service Charges:    
Custodial Rate/Hr. $34.00 per hour
Custodial charges will start one hour before until one hour after time reserved.
Food Service Employee $20.00 per hour
Other (Lighting, Sound, etc.)    


Reservation Deposit of one half the cost is required when you turn in the Facilities Use Form.


Revised 3/02