Holly Area Schools Atlas Curriculum

Holly Atlas Curriculum Mapping System

Holly Area Schools is excited to announce the launch of the Holly Atlas Curriculum Mapping System.  This system allows parents, educators, and students the ability to easily view the curriculum expectations of each grade level and subject area. We believe that this valuable tool will provide a consistent and clear understanding for all stakeholders of the teaching and learning that takes place in our classrooms.
These curriculum maps within Atlas are a result of the collaborative effort of Holly’s K-12 teaching staff, administrators, and Oakland Schools. Educators worked together in various groupings, beyond the scope of grade level and subject area to make certain that the content provides the well-developed foundation for each student in Holly.
Currently, we have posted our K – 12 ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies academic core curriculum on the HAS Atlas Rubicon system.  We will continually update our K-12 curriculum through a process of review and revision.  Our K-12 Co-curricular courses are in development and will be added to the mapping system at the beginning of the 2016 school year.  
To begin using this powerful tool, access the Holly Area Schools Atlas site and follow the directions below.

Accessing the Holly Area Schools Curriculum

The Browse tab allows you to search by grade level and subject area.

Place cursor over Browse.  In the dropdown menu, click on a tab to view information about the Unit Calendar, Curriculum Map and/or Course Description.
Filter by Grade Level and/or Subject.
Click on the Browse button.
Click on the link under the Course tab.

The Reports tab provides you with various Scope and Sequence information such as Key Concepts, Content Expectations, and Abstracts. 

Click on Scope and Sequence.
Click on the Choose Courses button.
Filter by Grade Level and/or Subject.
Click on the Browse button.
Click in the box at the left of the desired course(s) name(s).
Click on the Close button
On #3, Select a Report, click on the dropdown menu and Select a Mapping Category (Overarching Questions and Enduring Understandings, Graphic Organizer, Unit Abstract, etc.).
Click on View Report.