Technology Protection Plan

2023-24 Technology Protection Plan

Holly Area Schools has made arrangements for an optional technology protection plan to be available for purchase for each device issued to a student.

The protection plan will cover the Chromebook, iPad or Hotspot and includes the following:

  • Accidental damage
  • Theft  (All theft claims must be accompanied by a police report)
    • A police report must be filed in the Location the device was stolen. A copy of the police report must be delivered to the KRC admin Office within 30 days of the theft in order for the device to be covered under protection plan. If not, you will be charged full price for the device.

This protection plan does not cover:

  • Loss of the device and/or its accessories including the power adapter/charger
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Damages caused by misuse and/or abuse

Costs are outlined below for the annual protection plan.  Parents who choose not to purchase technology protection will be fully responsible for any loss, theft or damage.

For students who qualify for free/reduced meals, the fee will be waived if a Free/Reduced Meal Application is submitted by October 13th.  Parents/Guardians must  complete the Free/Reduced Meal Application for the 2023-2024 school year.  This can be completed during your Skyward Online Verification process or by filling out the application and returning to the address posted or to your child's main office by October 13th.

New for the 2023-2024 School Year:  Students in Young Fives through 5th Grade will be leaving their devices at school this school year, so there is no need to purchase the protection plan for students in those grades.

Protection Plan Details

Annual Cost:

     $20/year per student device
     Protected September-August of current school year
     E-Funds, cash or check
     Must be paid for by Friday, September 15, 2023
     New students must purchase within two weeks of enrolling

Protection Deductibles:
     1st Claim: No cost
     2nd Claim: $30
     3rd Claim: $60
     4th Claim: Full cost of repair/replacement

Estimated cost of repair and/or loss without protection plan or after filing 3rd Claim:
   Chromebook system board $190
   Chromebook touchpad $60+
   Chromebook keyboard w/out touch pad $125
   Chromebook screen: $105
   Chromebook top or bottom cover: $80
   Chromebook charger: $25
   Chromebook replacement: $300
   iPad carrying case: $40
   iPad charging brick: $25
   iPad cable: $10
   iPad screen: $150+
   iPad replacement: $350
   Hotspot replacement: $100+

To enroll in the protection plan for 2023-2024, you can enroll by submitting payment through e~Funds, our online payment system available at our e~Funds link. In e~Funds, choose “Pay for Optional Fees” and select “Protection Plan”.  Alternatively, you can complete the Technology Protection Plan Enrollment Form and send it into your student’s building with cash or a check made payable to Holly Area Schools.

If you have any questions, please email


External Linke~Funds Online Payment System
To pay for insurance through e-Funds, go to the e-Funds link at the top of the district web page.  Choose 'Pay for Optional Fees'.  You can either create an account or continue as a guest.  You will need your student's last name and student id number (you can see this in Skyward or you can ask your student's main office). Follow the prompts on the screens to complete the purchase.