We are excited to announce the #BronchoPride Award!!    

A special recognition for students, parents, staff, and community members of Holly Area Schools. 

We are looking for candidates who exemplify PRIDE (perseverance, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and excellence) as well as evidence of promoting a positive, respectful, and supportive Broncho learning environment.

Use our #BronchoPride Award Nomination Form and nominate someone today!  

Go Bronchos!

#BronchoPride Award Winners - November 2019

  • Aimee Highfield with Mr. Roper and her class
    Aimee Highfield
    Aimee Highfield is a Rose Pioneer teacher who takes great pride in her work everyday. Mrs. Highfield welcomes her students each day with a huge smile and goes above and beyond to help students make the transition to Rose Pioneer. So many of Mrs. Highfield’s former students come back to visit because of the support and kindness they felt from Mrs. Highfield.
  • Dane and Beth Bezemek with Mr. Roper
    Dane and Beth Bezemek
    Dane and Beth Bezemek Holly Area Schools Parents who give many hours of their time to the Holly Band Program. Whether it is supporting fundraisers or towing the trailer with band instruments, Dane and Beth are always willing to go above and beyond to support our students. Their volunteerism is greatly appreciated. Beth is also a paraeducator in our district who gives her all to our students.
  • Nora Sampson with Mr. Roper
    Nora Sampson
    Nora Sampson is a custodian at Holly Elementary who exemplifies #BronchoPride in many ways. Nora comes to work everyday with a positive and helpful spirit. She not only does a great job of keeping the building clean, but also goes above and beyond to ensure that staff and students are provided with all the essentials for a successful day. Nora is a dedicated team player who comes ready to support students and staff each day.
  • Debbie Hernan with Mr. Roper
    Debbie Hernan
    Debbie Hernan is the Youth Services Manager at the Holly Township Library. Debbie continues to organize and facilitate many youth programs for students in our community. Debbie is a huge advocate for children’s literacy and has continued to find ways to promote reading in our Broncho community.
  • Ann Kotalik with Mr. Roper
    Ann Kotalik
    Ann Kotalik is a dedicated paraeducator at Holly High School. She is very involved in the LIFT Peer Mentorship Program helping to create a more unified environment for students at HHS and bringing more awareness to Autism. Ann regularly participates in Spirit Week events and loves showing off her #BronchoPride.
  • Olivia McDowell with Mr. Roper
    Olivia McDowell
    Olivia McDowell is a 5th grade student at Patterson who has dedicated time to buying wreaths to lay at the Great Lake National Cemetery. This is the second year that Olivia has led this campaign. This year Olivia was able to raise enough money to purchase 111 wreaths. Olivia’s wreath project embodies all of the qualities of kindness, compassion, and respect by giving back to our supportive community.

#BronchoPride Award Winners - December 2019

  • Ben Baldwin with Mr. Roper
    Ben Baldwin
    Ben Baldwin is the proud band director at Holly Holly School. He leads one of the most respected Marching, Concert, and Symphony Band Programs in our State. Broncho Bands consistently score straight 1’s and 2’s at various festivals and competitions. Mr. Baldwin exemplifies #BronchoPride with his dedication to our community and to his students helping each and every one of them to reach their maximum potential.
  • Joe Curtis with Mr. Roper
    Joe Curtis
    Joe Curtis is a former Broncho Student, former HAS parent, current parent of a HAS teacher, and current Athletic Booster President. Joe loves everything Holly Area Schools and continues to volunteer and support Broncho students and Broncho Athletics
  • Jeremy Mason with Mr. Roper
    Jeremy Mason
    Jeremy Mason is our district’s Facility Supervisor and is as loyal as they come! Jeremy takes great pride in all of his work and goes above and beyond to ensure that the students and staff are provided a caring and safe environment.
  • Gavin Palm wih Mr. Roper
    Gavin Palm
    Gavin Palm is a 9th grade student at Holly High School who excels in the classroom and in the community. Gavin not only takes pride in earning all “A’s”, but also in being a strong and compassionate. He recently created a battle of the bands fundraiser to raise funds for a teacher battling cancer. Gavin is full of #BronchoPride.
  • Ayanna Sherman with Mr. Roper
    Ayanna Sherman
    Ayanna Sherman is an amazing student at Patterson Elementary. She is one of the safety captain’s this school year. Ayanna has taken time outside of class to review school yearbooks to learn the names of all the students so that she can greet them off the bus or in the hallways. She is constantly smiling and always thinking of others