We are excited to announce the #BronchoPride Award!!    

A special recognition for students, parents, staff, and community members of Holly Area Schools. 

We are looking for candidates who exemplify PRIDE (perseverance, responsibility, integrity, dedication, and excellence) as well as evidence of promoting a positive, respectful, and supportive Broncho learning environment.

Use our #BronchoPride Award Nomination Form and nominate someone today!  

Go Bronchos!

#BronchoPride Award Winners - October 2019

  • Mrs. Tripp with Mr. Roper
    Bailey Tripp
    Bailey Tripp is a Davisburg Elementary Teacher who instills the elements of PRIDE with her students. Ms. Tripp is awe inspiring with her gentle calm approach to classroom management. Each student in Ms. Tripp’s class takes on classroom leadership responsibilities. Ms. Tripp is full of kindness and integrity. She not only guides her students, but also stretches their growth through a variety of activities.
  • Jennifer Kittle and Mr. Roper
    Jennifer Kittle
    Jennifer Kittle is a Rose Pioneer Elementary Interventionist who welcomes all the students each day at the bus line with a big smile. Mrs. Kittle embodies what it means to be a team player with a growth mindset. She is also a strong advocate for great student attendance. Mrs. Kittle is always focused on cultivating respectful and responsible student leaders.
  • Carrie Irvin and Mr. Roper
    Carrie Irvin
    Carrie Irvin is an active parent volunteer for Holly Area Schools. Carrie often goes above and beyond helping not only her children’s teachers, but also other teachers and staff members. Carrie takes time to support Holly Little League and Holly Youth Football. She is incredibly reliable, positive, and truly cares about ALL Holly kids.
  • Madison Martin and Mr. Roper
    Madison Martin
    Madison Martin is a Davisburg Elementary student who continues to support her classmates with positive advice and help. She has been a part of the student leadership team for the past two years. She helps younger early childhood students at the buses. She also asks everyone around her how their day is going. Madison’s positive attitude is contagious making so many around her smile.
  • Tricia Parker and Mr. Roper
    Tricia Parker
    Tricia Parker begins her day working for Holly Area Schools Food Service and ends her day in the Davisburg Nursery. Tricia takes great pride in helping students in the cafeteria as well as supporting students in the nursery. She is a phenomenal caregiver who is truly dedicated to supporting our little Bronchos.
  • Dallas Lesperance and Mr. Roper
    Dallas Lesperance
    Dallas Lesperance is the Varsity Football Coach and HHS Athletic Coordinator. Coach Lesperance goes above and beyond to create a positive, inclusive, and proud environment for his student-athletes. He encourages all of his players to support each other. He also supports each of his players by building their character and confidence and helping them to improve as athletes, teammates, students, and people.