Health and Medical Information

Holly Area Schools’ Medical Care Plan is a district-wide general education measure to assist the District in providing care to students with chronic medical conditions as directed by each student’s authorized medical provider.  The Medical Care Plan consists of a Medical Action Plan form and may also include a Physician’s Authorization for Prescription Medication at school.
Students with a chronic medical condition that requires treatment at school will be required to have a current Medical Care Plan on file in the school office.  The Medical Care Plan will be updated annually.
Students who require only the administration of medication during the school day will have a Physician’s Authorization for Prescription Medication at School properly filled out, signed and on file in the school office. 
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide all prescribed medication, supplies and equipment to the school.  Medications must be in the original container and current (not expired).  Over the counter medications must come in original, unopened container and not expired.
If an emergency arises before receipt of student-specific medical interventions, treatments or medications, the school district policy and basic first aid procedures will be followed, 911 will be called if deemed necessary.
*Attention parents of students with seizures….Please read the following *
Please speak with your authorized medical provider about prescribing a rescue medication that will provide the safest, fastest and most effective treatment while maintaining your student’s dignity and privacy.
If you have any questions please contact the school office.
Holly High School:  248-328-3200
Holly Middle School:  248-328-3400
Davisburg Elementary:  248-328-3500
Holly Elementary:  248-328-3600
Patterson Elementary:  248-328-3700
Rose Pioneer Elementary:  248-328-3800