Safety and Security

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Mr. Derek Lindsay

Director of Safety and Security     

Phone:  248.328.3100
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Officer Wolkow Image
Officer Wolkow

Holly High School
Phone:  248.328.3219
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Michael Houck
Officer Houck

Holly Middle School
Phone:  248.328.3418
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Officer Patercsak Image
Officer Patercsak

All Elementary Buildings
Phone:  TBD
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The school resource officer position provides the schools with officers who can work within the school setting on police matters that concern staff, students and their families.  Each officer is knowledgeable in police techniques, law and procedures, and working with youthful offenders in a school setting.  The officer's duties include building safety and security, investigation of criminal acts or security issues occurring on Holly Area School property or related to school activities which may otherwise necessitate police involvement.  The officer's duties also include individual safety and security for all students, staff, and the public within the rules and regulations of the Holly Police Department and Holly Area Schools.  Officers provide guidance and support to students and families as needed and when directed by the Holly Schools administration or the Chief of Police.