Board of Education Committee Assignments

2022 Committee Assignments

Committee Number of Members Committee Member Committee Member Committee Member
Policy Review Committee  3  Blair  Weisdorfer


Finance Committee  3  Dr. Young  Deahl  Jackson
Superintendent/Personnel Committee  3  Jackson  J. Young  Weisdorfer
Curriculum Committee  3  Dr. Young  J. Young  Blair
Oakland Schools Designee & Legislative Liaison  2  Blair

 J. Young

Michigan Association of School Boards          2  J. Young


Holly Area Youth Assistance  2  Blair  Weisdorfer  
Oakland County Schools Boards Association  2  Jackson  Blair  
Holly High School Liaison  2  Dr. Young  Weisdorfer


Holly Middle School Liaison  2  J. Young  Blair


Davisburg Elementary Liaison  2


 Dr. Young  
Holly Elementary Liaison  2  Blair  J. Young


Patterson Elementary  2  Weisdorfer  Blair


Rose Pioneer Elementary  2  Blair  Dr. Young


Calendar Committee  2  Dr. Young   Blair  
Sub Committee to Hear Employee Grievances  3  Whole Board    


Upcoming Committee Meetings

October 10, 2022 at 1:00 pm
     Curriculum Committee Meeting    
     Karl Richter Campus
     Administration Conference Room