Young Five and Kindergarten FAQ

HAS Young Five and Kindergarten
Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Young Fives and kindergarten?
Kindergarten is more academically driven and moves at a faster pace. Kindergartners learn reading, writing, math, science and social studies.

Young Fives provides more play-based learning and focuses on social development along with developing fine and gross motor skills. It gives students the gift of an extra year of social, emotional and academic growth.


What are the benefits of Young Fives?
Young Fives gives students the gift of an extra year of social, emotional and academic growth. In addition, the smaller class size enables more teacher-student contact and the ability to better meet individual needs.


What do students learn in Young Fives?
Teachers tailor the curriculum for shorter attention spans, engaging students’ curiosity through high interest themes. Play-based learning use games, toys and art activities to help Young Fives students develop skills in fine motor control, independent problem solving and communication. The class builds stamina for academic tasks and helps students learn to follow routines, listen and follow the rules. Most importantly, Young Fives prepares students for a successful transition to kindergarten.


What do students learn in the kindergarten curriculum?
Broncho kindergarten offers a strong academic program that includes reading, writing, math, science and social studies. The program aligns with Michigan Content Area Standards. Kindergarten builds confidence and supports academic, emotional and social development, preparing students for first grade.


My child is younger, but I want to enroll them in kindergarten instead of Young Fives. Can I do that?
If kindergarten is more developmentally appropriate for students with a September to December birthday, a waiver can be signed for kindergarten enrollment.


How long is the school day for kindergarten and Young Fives?
Kindergarten and Young Fives students attend a full day of school. They begin and end their day with the rest of the student body. The day will include learning and recreational activities, lunch, snack and quiet time when needed.

HAS also offers the Learning Ladder, which provides childcare before and after school.


What is the average class size?
Young Fives classes range from 14-18 students. Kindergarten classes range from 22-26 students.


What kind of technology do Young Fives and Kindergartners use?
Every child has an iPad and access to a collection of high-quality learning apps, as well as Schoology, our online learning management system. All students also have STEM classes each week where technology such as robots and coding is explored.  


What other opportunities do students have for learning?
HAS offers a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular activities including art, music, drama, sports, technology and more. This includes Book Buddies, fun runs, family fun nights, school dances, field days and more. 


How can parents and guardians be involved?
HAS encourages parents and guardians to be involved inside and outside of the classrooms, including taking part in book fairs, academic activities and more. The best thing parents can do to support their child’s growth and development is to read to them every day. Your classroom teacher will provide ways in which you can support both your child and the classroom and school community as a whole.


Is transportation provided?
Yes, transportation is provided for Young Fives and kindergarten students.


What meals are offered?
Young Fives and kindergarten students are offered free breakfast and options for both hot and cold lunch.


What are the teacher’s qualifications?
All HAS teachers are highly qualified and certified to teach by the State of Michigan. All have earned at least a bachelor’s degree and many have earned advanced degrees and certifications. 


Does HAS offer child care before and after school?
Yes, HAS offers the Learning Ladder, which provides Latchkey child care beginning at 6 am and after school until 6 p.m. Parents who would like their child to participate in the Learning Ladder latchkey program need to contact our Learning Ladder office at 248-328-3019.


I’m still not sure whether Young Fives or kindergarten is right for my child. What should I do?
There is a lot of time between enrollment and when your child will begin school next year. We can adjust this choice at the beginning of the school year if your child’s needs change.

You can also review our Ready for Kindergarten? page for some tips and suggestions.


How do I enroll my child?
Complete the enrollment process, go to You will need two proofs of residency, a driver’s license, your child’s birth certificate, immunization records and confirmation of a vision screening.


What is proof of residency?
A proof of residency is a document containing your full name and address that proves you own or rent your home. This can include a driver’s license, utility bill, lease agreement or homeowners insurance policy.


Are both Young Fives and kindergarten offered at all schools?
Yes, all four district elementary schools offer kindergarten and Young Fives.


I still have questions. Who can I reach out to?
You can call 248-328-3100 or email if you have questions.