Vaping Information Letter - September 9, 2019

September 9, 2019

Dear Holly Area Schools Students and Parents,

At Holly Area Schools, our number one priority is the health and safety of our students, families and staff.

As we welcome Broncho families back for the 2019-2020 school year, I wanted to bring a very important health concern to your attention. Over the past year, the use of e-cigarettes, or “vaping,” has skyrocketed across the country – including among our middle and high school students. 

Vaping has become a serious health threat and disruptive element in our classrooms and schools. 

For your information, there are a number of harmful chemicals and ingredients in vaping products including lead, ultra-fine particles, volatile organic compounds and cancer-causing chemicals. As a result, users can experience damage to their lungs, heart and other parts of the body.  

When I first sent out a similar letter on the Friday before Labor Day, there had been 203 cases of chemical pneumonia nationwide and 1 death as a result of vaping.  Now, just over a week later, there are more than 450 cases of vaping-related severe lung illnesses in 33 states and 5 deaths linked to vaping.  

Several public health departments across the country are warning citizens to stop using any vaping products or e-cigarette devices immediately.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has also advised people to avoid e-cigarettes and any vaping products.    

Vaping has also become an enormous distraction to learning in our schools. Our teachers and administrators have had to dedicate time reporting students using e-cigarettes that would otherwise be spent teaching students. 

To ensure a safe and positive learning environment for all students, the use of any vaping devices or possession of any type of e-cigarette or related products will not be tolerated and will result in suspension with possible expulsion for a repeated offense.  

In addition, the State of Michigan recently enacted Senate Bill 106 which makes it unlawful for a minor to purchase, possess, or use a tobacco product, vapor product, or alternative nicotine product.  An individual who violates this law will be responsible for a state civil infraction or guilty of a misdemeanor as well as will face a monetary fine.  The law also directs a misdemeanor penalty and fine for anyone selling, giving, or furnishing such products to a minor.  

We are partnering with the Holly Area Community Coalition to continue educating our youth about the dangers of vaping. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 6 p.m., Carolyn Chaudhary from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services will speak with students and parents about the dangers of vaping during the Open House at Holly High School. 

Parents, we need your support on this important issue. I am urging you to talk with your children about the serious health concerns with vaping. It is important for us to explain to our children about the additive nature of vaping.  According to Juul, the manufacturer that accounts for 72 percent of the e-cigarette market, “a single Juulpod contains 40 mg of nicotine, which is similar to the nicotine yield of a pack of cigarettes.” 

The Holly Area Community Coalition has a number of resources for families on its website.  The CDC also has a helpful tip sheet for parents to talk with their teen about the dangers of vaping.   

I appreciate the support of our parents and community on safeguarding our students at Holly Area Schools. Working together, we will continue fostering a positive, nurturing learning environment that helps all Bronchos achieve and succeed. If you have any questions or concerns about this important issue, please do not hesitate to contact our offices at (248) 328-3100.


Scott M. Roper, Superintendent
Holly Area Schools

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