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The mission of Broncho Virtual School is to help students reach their fullest potential by providing a non-traditional educational setting that encourages students to become self-directed, responsible adults who value life-long learning and excel in their future aspirations.

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BVS offers students a flexible, self-paced virtual curriculum, with the guidance and supervision of a HAS teacher. Online courses meet Michigan Merit guidelines and are accessible 24/7. Each student will work with a counselor to develop an Education Development Plan (EDP) to explore and identify career goals and actions aligned with their changing interests and abilities. BVS teachers set high expectations for all students, provide encouragement, and monitor student progress weekly in order to provide appropriate resources for enrichment and intervention. 

Ask yourself these questions to see if BVS is a good fit for you: 


  • Can your student maintain a schedule without face-to-face interaction with a teacher?
  • Is your student comfortable asking for help from a teacher using email, text messaging, or through an online meeting?
  • Can your student complete assignments without direct supervision?
  • Does your student have a love of learning and a desire to accomplish goals?
  • Does your student have basic reading, math, and computer skills to succeed in independent online learning?
  • Does your student feel comfortable using new technology?

Ask yourself these questions to see if EXCEL Alternative Pathway may be a good fit for you or your student:


  • Is the student off-track for graduating on time?
  • Does the student need to recover more than 4 credits?
  • Is the student performing poorly in the traditional high school setting?
  • Does the student struggle to keep up with 5 or more classes at a time?

Click below to learn more about each option:

 Our 2nd-8th grade Pathway Offers:                

  • 6 courses per trimester
  • Self-paced Schedule
  • Support from a certified HAS Teacher
  • Weekly Progress Monitoring
  • Personalized Intervention Tools
  • In-person learning lab options

 2nd-8th Pathway Homepage

Our 9th-12th grade Pathway Offers:


  • 5 courses per trimester
  • Self-paced Schedule
  • Support from a certified HAS Teacher
  • Weekly Progress Monitoring
  • In-person learning lab options

9th-12th Pathway Homepage

EXCEL Alternative offers


  • Personalized & Flexible Schedules
  • Small-Group In-Person Learning Weekly 
  • Extended Learning Time
  • Sequential Learning & Credit Recovery Options
  • Mastery-Based Grading
  • 18 Credit Graduation Requirement

*Exceptions may be made for students in other grades based on extenuating circumstances.

EXCEL Alternative Homepage

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