EXCEL Alternative

The purpose of this program is to provide personalized and flexible learning options for students who are not succeeding in a traditional school environment. Students enrolled in EXCEL will have a reduced credit requirement for graduation and will complete the majority of their coursework online. Students will attend an in-person learning lab check-in with their teachers a minimum of once per week. Teachers will provide support through email, phone, online learning platform, and during scheduled lab times. Students who graduate from EXCEL will receive a diploma from BVS EXCEL Alternative and will attend a separate commencement ceremony for EXCEL students and their families.

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Online Courses

EXCEL courses are carefully selected and customized to meet Michigan Merit credit requirements. Courses include both computer and teacher-scored assignments. A portion of the course will include participation during in-person learning lab sessions. These sessions may include group discussion of a course topic, review and practice problems, or alternative forms of assessment of learning.

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Learning Lab Support

EXCEL students enjoy the flexibility of self-paced, online learning as well as the academic and emotional support of in-person learning. EXCEL students are required to attend at least one learning lab session per week. Attendance and participation are necessary so our teachers are able to provide appropriate individual as well as group support. 

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Each student will receive a mentor who will serve as their advocate and provide encouragement and support in their journey towards high school completion. This includes weekly conversations about course progress, time management, organization, and personal goals.