Is Virtual Learning Right for You?

   Is BVS a good fit for your student? 

  • Can your student maintain a schedule without face-to-face interaction with a teacher?
  • Is your student comfortable asking for help from a teacher using email, text messaging, or through an online meeting?
  • Can your student complete assignments without direct supervision?
  • Does your student have a love of learning and a desire to accomplish goals?
  • Does your student have basic reading, math, and computer skills to succeed in independent online learning?
  • Does your student feel comfortable and is quick to learn how to use new technology?

  Is EXCEL Alternative a good fit?

  • Is the student off-track for graduating on time?
  • Does the student need to recover more than 3 credits?
  • Is the student performing poorly in the traditional high school setting?
  • Are there medical, social, or emotional concerns that have made traditional high school requirements and schedules difficult to navigate?
  • Is there motivation to earn a high school diploma ?

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