March 23, 2023

Safety and Security Announcement

The safety of our students, staff and families is our top priority. Today after school, we received a report of a middle student making threatening statements. Consistent with our school protocols and procedures, we began conducting interviews and contacted local law enforcement.

Because of the nature of this threat, law enforcement went to the home of the of the student and determined that the student does not have access to firearms. The student who allegedly made the threat will not be in school tomorrow.

At Holly Area Schools, we take all threats on school property, on our buses or on social media seriously. We will be addressing this incident in accordance with district policies working closely with law enforcement, whose investigation of this matter is ongoing.

We encourage our parents to talk with their students about the things they say or communicate to others. Any comments or gestures that are of a threatening nature will be investigated thoroughly by our administration and law enforcement and can carry serious disciplinary consequences including expulsion and criminal penalties. We always encourage our students, staff, and parents to report any threats to local police and school administration and we commend those who alerted us to this situation.

Do not hesitate to contact my office with any questions, concerns or information about this matter. As always, it is an honor serving as your superintendent.


Scott M. Roper, Superintendent
Holly Area Schools