March 1, 2024

Out of the Darkness Walk at Holly High School

Walk to fight Suicide

HHS Out of the Darkness Walk - Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Holly High School community experienced tremendous losses this school year, including the tragic death of Senior, Deegan Walton, who took his own life.

On December 6th, Holly Area Schools brought Jared Scott to Holly High School to share his story of losing a close friend to suicide. His program addressed important aspects such as purpose-finding, leadership growth, respect, self-worth, and emotional intelligence.  After his presentation, Jared worked with some of our students to inspire them to create a movement that can lift up and support all students.  

Since then, these student groups have met regularly to bring the goals that they began that day with Jared, to life.  One of these goals was to create a suicide awareness program to acknowledge the importance of prioritizing mental health and seeking out resources for help because "it's ok not to be ok."

Recently, a student leader and district leadership connected with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and entered into a partnership with the AFSP to host an "Out of the Darkness Walk" at Holly High School on Saturday, April 20th.

We are excited to share that our HHS Out of the Darkness Walk is now available to share and communicate out to others. You can use this site to register for the walk, volunteer, and donate to this student-led HHS Out of the Darkness Walk.  All donations support the crucial work that the AFSP does around Michigan, and the nation, to fund suicide prevention programs.

We are also sharing information about Sponsorship opportunities for individuals, companies, and businesses who want to take a leading role in supporting this student-led event.  

Our students are continuing to develop ideas for our Out of the Darkness Walk on Saturday, April 20th, and we will be sharing more information and ways for people to get involved as they are developed.

Links for this event are below:

  • HHS Out of the Darkness Walk Registration, Volunteering, and Donation Information - Website for Information
  • HHS Out of the Darkness Walk - Sponsorship Information (Sponsorships are welcome at all times, please note that for companies to get their Logo on Walk T-Shirts, etc. the due date is March 16th - Revised date)