Social Work

What is a School Social Worker?

A school social worker is an advocate who helps students reach their potential in the school setting. In order to fulfill this goal, a school social worker provides support services in order to help remove obstacles to a child’s success in school.  These obstacles may be school or home-based.  As a result of this, the school social worker becomes a link between home, school and the community.

How Can We Help

Here are some of the ways our school social workers can help children in Holly Area Schools achieve personal and academic success.

  • Connects families with community resources, for example: food banks, social services, mental health referrals, or medical care.
  • Works closely with teachers and other school staff on a variety of issues affecting children every day. Such as:  academic and behavioral concerns, attendance issues, abuse/neglect concerns, financial needs, health/medical concerns, family/parenting issues

We are here to help every student achieve!

By working closely with school staff and administration, families and community agencies, school social workers try to provide a successful educational experience for each student.

Social Workers

Davisburg Elementary
Social Worker
Holly Elementary
Social Worker
Patterson Elementary
Social Worker
Rose Pioneer Elementary
Social Worker
Holly Middle School
Social Worker
Holly High School
Social Worker

Contact our Special Services Office for more information.