Parent Teacher Organization

President:  Sabrina Farrell

Vice President:  Heather Sackett

Secretary:  Tina Allen

Treasurer:  Jodi Willoughby

Holly Elementary PTO

Collections…Incentives...Rewards…Oh My!!

Listed below are the many things our PTO coordinates for our school. Each item was selected because it either helps our school or others. More details are available on each product’s website.

Boxtops for Education

Our school earns 10¢ for each label submitted. We have various collection contests throughout the
year. Collection boxes are located in the classrooms for contests.

Printer Cartridge Recycling

Printer cartridges are recycled and redeemed for cash. The collection box is available in the office.

Can Tabs

Can tabs are donated to the Ronald McDonald House. The collection box is located in the office.

Labels for Education

Labels for education are available on all Campbell’s and many other products. We redeem the labels
for educational merchandise for our school.

Holly Food Receipts

Apples for the Students… Holly Elementary collects your register receipts and redeems them for
education merchandise for our students.  The collection box is located in the office.