Pioneer Parents

Pioneer Parents is an organization made up of Rose Pioneer’s parents and teachers.  We plan, organize, and finance many of the school’s events and projects. 

We support and organize: field day, family fun nights, school assemblies, Santa’s workshop, fifth grade tiles, etc...

If you want to meet more parents, help with these events, or are curious about what we discuss please join one of our meetings. Let’s have a great year Rose Pioneer!

*Meetings start at 4pm in the Media Center       

Please read all the information below regarding the rental of our school marquee

The marquee is the property of Holly Area Schools and all messages are subject to approval by the building principal

  • Cost is $5.00 per day for messages to students. Please note that all messages must be student or school related.
  • A day is defined as a school day, not a calendar day  -  Example: Sign rented for a Tuesday will begin display at approximately 3:30 pm Monday and come down as early as 3:30 pm Tuesday
  • Your message will be displayed on the south side of the sign only
  • Availability of sign rental is first come, first served
  • Payment MUST accompany this form to reserve date (subject to availability)
  • If your scheduled day falls on a "snow day", you will be given the option to take the next day (if available) or receive a refund

Please print clearly using 1 letter per box (maximum letters is 14 per line including spaces)



Date(s) you would like your message displayed:  ________________________

Contact information in case there is an issue with your date or message:

Name:  ___________________________________________________________

Phone:  ___________________________________________________________

Please include payment to reserve your date. Make checks payable to: Rose Pioneer Family Council


Office Use

Date Received: ________________________

Time Received: ________________________

Amount Received: ______________________