Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

Absences / Attendance

If a child is going to be tardy or absent from school, please call the office by 9:00 AM.  Calling the office saves a tremendous amount of time when verifying your child’s absence. Calling the office eliminates the need for you to send in a note to explain your child’s absence. If you do not call in, please send in a note to your child’s teacher when they return. Please see district attendance policy for information on absenteeism related to truancy.

Instructional Start Time:  8:50 am
AM Tardy:  8:51 am - 9:50 am
AM Absence:  9:51 am - 12:00 pm
PM Absence:  12:00 pm - 2:50 pm
PM Tardy:  2:51 pm  - 3:50 pm
End Time:  3:51 pm
Attendance Line:  248.328.3814

Attendance is taken twice daily in the school day (Morning and Afternoon).  Students arriving within the first hour after the start of the school day will be marked tardy and those who arrive after one hour from the start of the school day will be marked absent for the morning.  Students leaving prior to one hour from the end of the school day will be marked absent and those leaving within one hour of the end of the school day will be marked tardy for the afternoon.  Please do not ask to have students dismissed in the last few minutes of the day unless you have an emergency or necessary appointment, which requires early dismissal.

*Absences due to vacation for extended periods are not encouraged.  Classroom learning experiences often cannot be recreated outside of the school day, as learning is social, interactive and hands-on.  Please understand that alternative assignments are typically not provided.

State law requires attendance in school. Absences of more than 10% per year will be considered excessive and may be referred to the Oakland County truancy officer. At the truancy officer’s recommendation, some truancy cases may proceed to a court hearing if necessary. Excessive absences may also result in a student being retained at the present grade level for the following school year.  Please call the attendance line if your child will be absent. For extended absences, a doctor’s note may be needed.

Make-up Work for Absences
In most cases, students will be given an opportunity to make up work when they return.  For extended absences contact the school. Please allow 24 hours notice for teachers to gather materials.  We ask that you not leave a request for make-up work on the attendance line.  Please call the office to make these arrangements.


First bell rings 15 minutes before the start of the school day (instructional start time).   There is NO Staff Supervision before that time. Students arriving at school prior to this time, please utilize our Latch Key Program or make arrangements for before school daycare.

Bus Students

Morning bus drop off is at 8:35 am and is supervised by staff members.  Buses pull up in the rear (north) parking lot to allow students off the bus.  Students will report to their classrooms to check in and then proceed to breakfast, if needed. 

Student Carline Drop-off

Car line drop off is in the front (west) area of the building adjacent to Milford Road and begins at 8:35 am.  Students are not to exit the vehicle until a staff member is present.  Parents will stay to the right, pull forward and drop students off at the designated drop off zone near the crosswalk.  Staff will direct students to the appropriate entrance and students will report to their classrooms to check in and then proceed to breakfast, if needed.  Latchkey services are available for those students whose parents need to drop them off prior to 8:35 a.m.

Parent/Visitor Parking

Please use the main entrance security intercom system when visiting during the school day. To ensure availability of staff regarding questions or concerns, parents and visitors are encouraged to contact the office and set up an appointment. All parents and guests with an appointment, or those dropping off or picking up students during the school day, must park in the front parking lot on the west side of the building adjacent to Milford Road.  Please do not park in the Bus Drop Off Loop or the Carline. The lot in the rear (north) area of the building is for busing and staff parking only. 


Dismissal procedures are in place for the safety of all. We appreciate your cooperation. For the safety of our students, we ask that parents have a normal daily routine for their child. Each year we ask for a 5-day per week plan. If you need to alter this routine, please send in a note to the teacher or contact the school office. It is important you call before 3:00 p.m. so the message can be given to the student in a timely manner. Students leaving school early are dismissed from the office. Students are expected to remain in their class until the end of the day. Please do not ask to have students dismissed during the last few minutes of the day. Please have a plan for your child should he/she arrive home and find no one there.

Bus Students

The Bus Loop and staff parking is located in the rear (north side) of the building.  Please do not park in the Bus Drop Off/Pick Up Loop. Mixing student drop-off and pick-up with bus and staff parking is a dangerous situation.  The loading of buses is supervised by staff each day at 3:51 pm. 

Student Carline Pick-Up

The carline is located in the front (west) parking area adjacent to Milford Rd.  Parents using the car line to pick up their students are asked to stay in their cars, stay to the right in the car line, and follow the line to the loading zone. Please place your last name sign in your front window to assist with loading. Students are asked to remain in our designated areas until their ride is in the loading zone and can be assisted by supervising staff.