Dual-Enrollment & UM Flint DEEP

Dual Enrollment

High school students in the state of Michigan have the opportunity to attend courses at local colleges or universities, in addition to their own high school, in an effort to meet students’ needs and interests.  This is called “Dual Enrollment”.  Effective April 1, 1996, Public Act 160 and Public Act 258 of 2000, created the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act, commonly referred to as dual enrollment. This law directs school districts to assist students in paying tuition and fees for courses at Michigan public or private colleges or universities. The following are some of the eligibility guidelines/standards:

  1. Students in grades 9 through 12 may enroll in postsecondary courses. Students cannot enroll in a dual enrollment course after their fourth year of high school with the exception of an early college program.
  2. Students can qualify for dual enrollment by taking a state assigned standardized test.  See the counseling department website for a link to the qualifying scores.
  3. 388.155 Rule 5 (2) The acts do not prohibit a district from supporting any pupil regardless of eligibility under these acts. A district may elect to support college level courses or career preparation courses for any pupil if it is in the best interest of the pupil. 
  4. Students must be enrolled in both Holly High School and eligible postsecondary institution during our regular academic year and must be enrolled in at least one high school class.
  5. The college courses cannot be a hobby, craft, or recreation course, or in the subject areas of physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education. 
  6. School districts are required to pay an amount equal to the prorated percentage of the statewide pupil-weighted average foundation allowance, based on the proportion of the school year that the eligible student attends the eligible postsecondary institution. Eligible charges include tuition and mandatory course fees, material fees, and registration fees required by an eligible institution for enrollment in the course. Eligible charges do not include transportation or parking costs or activity fees. Please review the contents of this letter with your parents. If you believe you are eligible for dual enrollment, qualify for tuition and fee support, and wish to participate, contact your school counselor. 
Guidelines for Dual Enrollment

Review Holly High School schedule with my high school counselor to ensure that dual enrollment will not conflict with my current schedule.  

Compete Dual Enrollment Form and Verification of Eligibility Form obtained from school counselor or from this link:  Dual Enrollment Packet

Reminder:  Students can only register for courses approved on the Verification of Eligibility Form.

  • Complete the college application for dual enrollment located in the Dual Enrollment folder on the Holly High School Counseling website.  This form will need to be signed by the principal.  If the college you plan to attend is not located on the website, please contact your counselor.
  • Prior to registering for a course, students must contact the college’s admission office to schedule a placement test.  The college will not allow students to register without a placement test or a qualifying AP/ACT score.
  • Check registration deadlines for the college you plan to attend.
  • When registering for courses students should take a copy of their high school transcript to their institution.  AP students may be able to avoid taking a placement test based on their AP grade/score.  If you do not have your AP score, please print it from your college board account or see your counselor.
  • To be scheduled as a dual enrollment student at Holly High School, students MUST return a college schedule to their counselor before the start of each trimester for approval.
  • Students attending OCC MUST fill out the Authorization to Release Information Form located on the counseling website.  You will need to add your counselor to this form.
  • To receive high school credit for college work students MUST bring in their college report card to your high school counselor after completion of the class.
  • I agree to pay any costs for tuition, fees, etc. that are above the cost paid by the district.  Books become property of the high school after completion of the course.  Students may choose to purchase their own book if they wish to keep the book.
  • If a student fails to successfully complete his/her course, the student MUST repay the school district any eligible charges expended by the school district that are not refunded by the institution. 


UofM DEEP Presentation Cover Image 2.23

PDF Document2023-2024 Holly U of M DEEP Presentation

The University of Michigan-Flint is collaborating with Holly High School to offer the Dual Enrollment Educational Partnerships (DEEP) Program courses for students to take at Clarkston High School.

The DEEP program allows motivated and qualified students to earn college credit by taking accredited courses through UM-Flint at Clarkston High School.  DEEP courses are taught on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule each week. Courses are taught during the regular high school academic day, providing students with time to participate in additional classes and after-school activities. DEEP courses generally follow the UM-Flint academic calendar. However, UM-Flint faculty will accommodate each high school's Spring Break. 

Program Qualifications: A selection process and criteria will be developed by Holly High School in collaboration with UM-Flint.  UM-Flint has established the following general expectations for DEEP program enrollees:

  • An overall grade point average of 3.25+
  • An interest in post-secondary study in the appropriate professional field
  • The ability, maturity and motivation to undertake successfully the rigor and content of college-level coursework
  • A favorable recommendation from the high school principal or counselor addressing the success of the applicant in a college preparatory high school curriculum, including successful completion of 3+ years of HS English with strong writing skills, and other similar characteristics
  • Excellent attendance in high school courses

Cost: The DEEP program will be offered to HHS students and families at a reduced-tuition rate.  

University Credit: Students who participate in this program will be dual-enrolled in their home high schools and the UM-Flint.  Credit earned will be part of an official UM-Flint transcript. These credits are applicable to four-year degree programs at UM-Flint and potentially transferable to other institutions.      

*Students who intend to transfer these credits to another institution are advised that their intended/preferred transfer institution determines which credits will transfer.  The UM-Flint courses selected for the DEEP program are considered by faculty as desirable because they will:

  • Help students develop a stronger academic foundation in the profession being studied, and,
  • Accustom students to the rigors of college-level work.

Program Offerings: 

At Clarkston High School:

  • English / Humanities (12 College Credits)
  • Liberal Arts (12 College Credits)
  • General Studies (12 College Credits)

Online (synchronous):

  • Pre-Engineering (13 College Credits)

*Program courses are subject to change according to UM-Flint discretion. 

Applications are available in the HHS Student Services office, and should be turned in to the Student Office or Mrs. Fettig by March 3, 2023.

UM DEEP Application & HHS UM DEEP Enrollment Form

For more information about the DEEP program and courses available, please visit the University of Michigan-Flint DEEP website at https://www.umflint.edu/k12/deep-programs.




  1. What days do students have classes?
    • DEEP courses are taught on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule each week. DEEP courses are taught during the regular high school academic day,  providing students with time to participate in additional classes and after-school activities. 
  2. What does my daily schedule look like when I’m in this program?
    • Students will attend HHS classes and lunch from 1-3rd hours.  Students will leave to attend UM Flint classes at Clarkston or Fenton during 4-5th hours.
  3. Which academic calendar does the program follow?  Holly or UM Flint?
    • DEEP courses generally follow the UM-Flint academic calendar. However, UM-Flint faculty will accommodate each high school's Spring Break.
  4. Are these classes weighted?
    • No.  The only classes that are weighted at Holly High School are AP (Advanced Placement) classes.  UM Flint DEEP courses will be unweighted letter grades on a student’s transcript.
  5. If I’m taking the English / Humanities program at UM Flint DEEP, can I count this toward my English requirement at HHS?
    • Yes.  English 111 and 112 count toward a students yearly English requirement for graduation.
  6. I’m struggling with my classes at UM Flint DEEP.  I can just ask my HHS counselor for help, right?
    • Although we will try, the counselors at HHS are very limited in the help they can provide to students in the DEEP program.  Students are truly college level students, so they must advocate for themselves in these situations.
  7. When is tuition due and how do I pay it?
    • Tuition is paid directly to UM Flint.