Testing Out

In preparation for the 2024 - 2025 school year, a student may request to test out of a course at Holly High School. Pursuant to Michigan law, students may attempt to test out of a course to gain placement into a higher level course.

Eligibility for testing out at Holly High School is also contingent upon a student’s ability to meet the following criteria:
  1. Students must be enrolled in the Holly Area Schools for the current or next academic year.
  2. Students may not have previously attempted to test out of the requested course.

In preparation for the test out exams, we suggest that students visit the Michigan Department of Education website to download the content standards and benchmarks, as Holly High School’s core area test out exams are aligned to the Michigan Merit Core and Common Core standards.

The deadline to complete this form is Wednesday, May 1st.  

Our testing session is scheduled for Wednesday, May 22nd. Information on your specific testing date/time will be shared as soon as it's available.

Please click on the image below to complete the Test Out request form.


Testing Out is used to accelerate a student's opportunity to take advanced courses during their high school career.  This process is not an option for credit recovery.  


The deadline for submitting your test out application for the next school year is May 15th .  All requests for testing out must be made electronically, by filling out the request form which can be found on the Holly High School website under counseling. We recommend that parents and/or students discuss the intention to test out with their counselor.

All students will be notified individually regarding their test out request.  At this time your testing location and time will be given to you.  The testing window will be determined by Holly High School administration. The specific test date and time will vary, but may be administered following the completion of the current school year. For example, test out exams may be administered at Holly High School on the two days following the last day of school.

Results will be available prior to the first day of school. A counselor or building administrator will inform the student and parent of the test results.

Failure to meet appointments or deadlines will result in a forfeiture of the testing out opportunity for that course.


A grade equivalent of B- or better (80%) on the examination is required to demonstrate mastery. Examinations will be aligned to the Michigan Merit Core standards and content expectations for the entire course.

Testing out credits earned by passing a course in this manner shall be counted toward the total credits needed to graduate.  However, it may not forego the required subject credit needed per grade level. 

Credits earned in this manner will not impact a student's grade point average (GPA).

Students who choose to “test out” in an attempt to regain credit from a course that they have previously failed, will earn a “CR,” or credit for the course toward graduation but will not see a change in their GPA. A student may only attempt to “test out” from the same course one time during their high school career.

For Spanish only:  Please note that the test for Spanish will be for appropriate placement level beyond Spanish I. Students who are recommended for Spanish II or higher should sign up under the testing out guidelines. Upon completion of the test, the student will be placed at the appropriate level by the Holly High School Spanish Department.