Advisory Syllabus & Expectations

Mission Statement

The Advisory program at Holly High School is designed to promote student achievement while fostering the sense of community and ownership within our building. At its core, Advisory is founded upon the belief that students are more likely to succeed with a network of support and a committed adult advocate within the school. Positive learning communities and meaningful student-teacher relationships will provide that network.

Program Overview

Each advisory section is composed of students representing all four grade levels so that students can benefit from the mentorship and experience of their peers. Each group will work and grow together, and the advisor will strive to create an atmosphere of mutual trust where students feel safe to discuss a wide range of academic and/or other matters in a supportive setting.


Students will take an active role in the Advisory program.  All are expected to

  • act responsibly and take ownership for behavior and learning.
  • maintain positive and collaborative relationships with peers and staff.
  •  follow the protocols established for every advisory period.
  • use time productively by engaging in authentic learning and practice.
  •  support the school community by attending each advisory or following through with approved community building opportunities.

Travel in Advisory

Wednesday Advisories - Students will have the opportunity to schedule a time to work with teachers and/or peers for academic support and collaboration. Students must report to their Advisory classrooms for the first five minutes and the last five minutes of the period.

Scheduling and Sign Out Procedure

Students will 

  • obtain a signed pass (in advance) from the classroom teacher whom they would like to see.
  • travel to the designated location, check in with the teacher, work as needed.
  • return to the advisory classroom with a signed pass and return it to the advisory teacher. NOTE: Travel time must not exceed five minutes

Teachers will

  • sign passes (with time designation if needed) for traveling students to attend their classrooms prior to Advisory.
  • sign passes as their own students leave to travel to other classrooms.
  • sign traveling students out of their rooms when students return to their Advisory teacher.



Students who do not actively participate in classroom activities and procedures will have travel privileges revoked and may be assigned to a community project to benefit Holly High School.