2020 - 2021 Scheduling Information

The forms below must be filled out by students only and can only be completed by logging in through their school Google E-Mail accounts.

AP (Advanced Placement) Course Requests Form

Advanced Course Requests Form

  • Advanced Art I, II, III or Drawing
  • Advanced Marketing
  • Boys or Girls Advanced Conditioning
  • Chemistry
  • Marching Band Leadership
  • Physics

Honors Course Requests Form

  • LA 10 Honors
  • Honors Algebra 2
  • Tolerance & Diversity (11th or 12th grade Language Arts Honors course)

Online Course Requests Form

  • Virtual High School (VHS)
  • Odysseyware Academy (Not for credit recovery)
  • Michigan Virtual (MVU)

The following courses require an application to apply to the course (please click on the link to fill out the application):


Schedule Change Request Policy

Students interested in making changes to their schedules must place their requests via the online Change Request Form here.  Counselors will make changes within 2 days of the request and notify the student through their school email.