What is FIRST®?

FIRST® means For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology. FIRST® promotes STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) in students and inspires them to pursue careers in these fields. Within FIRST®, there is four different levels for various age groups ranging from 1st – 12th grade. The high school level is FIRST® Robotics Competition or FRC. In FRC, students are given a game challenge to build a robot to compete with other FRC robots in a 3 on 3 format. These games have ranged from playing soccer or basketball to storming a castle or flying across the sky in a airship. This program allows students to experience hands on learning as they work alongside engineers and mentors in 6 + different careers fields which includes all aspects of engineering (mechanical, electrical, design and programming), business (financials, fundraising, marketing, branding, public relations), graphic design and art, multimedia and social media to name a few. Students will develop valuable life skills that will be used no matter what they do in life such as leadership, time management, project management, communication, and teamwork skills. Students also get to help out in numerous areas of work like photography, grant writing, trip planning, organizing, data collecting, etc.

FIRST® also opens the door to about 65 million dollars of scholarships for the students that participate in FRC. FIRST® prepares students for careers beyond high school so much so that companies and colleges seek out FIRST® students for their companies and universities. FIRST® will expose students to so much knowledge and experience that if a student is in FIRST® for all four years of high school then it is like they took an extra year of high school or an extra semester of college. FIRST® is all about learning but it also knows how to have fun. Every FIRST® Robotics Competition events feel like a state championship football game with cheering, shouting, singing and dancing. FIRST® will be rewarding at the same time as the hardest fun that every student can have.

Robotics is currently forming a team. If you would like to join the team, please contact Jeremy -