Spanish Club/Spanish National Honor Society

If you love Spanish class and learning about other cultures around the world, then this is the club for you!

Spanish Club is a great way to learn about food, holidays, celebrations, games, and the people from Spanish-speaking countries.  Spanish meets once a month in Mrs. Hollopeter's room.  All Spanish students are welcome from any level of Spanish.  


Spanish National Honor Society
In our global world, foreign language education is of high importance. Being a member of this society conveys that you understand the significance of language learning in our modern society. Spanish National Honor Society (SNHS) is an honor society for current Spanish 3 students or higher.  These students must hold an average GPA of 3.5 or higher in their Spanish classes in order to be eligible to apply.  Once accepted into the organization, sophomore and junior inductees must complete 32 service hours by graduation.  Senior inductees must complete 22 service hours by graduation. 

The goals of La Sociedad are to build interest and excitement about learning the Spanish language, as well as, reach out to organizations in our surrounding communities and beyond that offer assistance to native Spanish speakers.

SNHS meets twice a month and currently has 23 members.